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Our counselors are experts on the US, UK and Canadian admissions processes with extensive knowledge of universities across continents as well as specializations in various subject areas. Our team has attended some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, holding multiple degrees from top universities.

Founded in 2011, Endeavour has been the the pioneer in admissions counseling with a long proven success record.

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Our role is to help students get into the best possible university. We guide students through the tumultuous admissions process and help them pick the most apt universities in relation to the student’s merit. Endeavour Counselors help strategize academics and extra-curricular activities to develop a student’s profile that is attractive to universities. We help formulate unique ideas for college essays and refine them till they are perfect. We also assist students secure scholarships/financial aid to attend universities abroad.

In most cases it’s the university essays. Almost all applications to the US require at least one essay and highly selective schools may require several. Even students applying to the UK have to write a personal statement. These pieces of writing allow students to speak to the admission officers and stand out from the rest of the applicants. Hence, they must be exceptional, and often require several drafts to perfect, which is why we recommend that students start writing these essays in the summer before final year.

The earlier the better. If a student is seeking only application guidance and counseling, then the student should register with us and set up a meeting with us over the summer after the penultimate year in high school. Counseling for university applications will begin in July. However, we encourage students to join us as early as possible during their high school years. This will enable us to mould a student’s profile.

What others saySTUDENT REVIEWS

My experience with Endeavour was extremely rewarding in terms of selecting schools that were a good fit for me in terms of school size, location, academics and those schools which would be a good fit for my personality as well. Endeavour also helped me find the long-term goals which were most important to me and convey these to the schools I was interested in, so that I ultimately would end up at a school which was a great fit. I got into a number of my top choice schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, the NYU Stern School of Business and Georgetown University. I chose to join the University of Pennsylvania Class of 2020 and I am very happy here!

University of Pennsylvania 2020
Karachi Grammar School 2016
Finance and Statistics, Mathematics, Intern at Citibank

Endeavour was super proactive, efficient and motivational. Endeavour’s strategies and counseling prowess was top notch. Moreover, there feedback on essays and editing skills enhanced my university applications.

UPENN Wharton 2016
Karachi Grammar School 2012
Financial Department, Sana Safinaz

I found my experience with Endeavour to be extremely helpful and professional. Endeavour helped me narrow my college choices, reviewed essays, and on the whole made the entire college application cycle less stressful. I got into my top choice!

Yale University 2016
Karachi Grammar School 2012
Economics, Journalist

My experience with Endeavour was very good. The Endeavour Counselors were always very prompt with their replies and helped me shortlist the colleges that were best suited for me. Moreover, Endeavour and I worked together to really strengthen my portfolio and Endeavour never hesitated to give me genuine and helpful advice. UC Berkeley was in my top five choices.

UC Berkeley 2019
Karachi Grammar School 2015
Cognitive Neuroscience

Endeavour was pretty hands on and helped curate a good academic profile to show to the universities I applied to. I obtained admission into three of my top five choices.

Sarah Lawrence College for 2 years and then
Northeastern University for 2 years-graduating year: 2019
Art & Design

I remember feeling extremely confused about where to apply. Endeavour helped me create the most apt list of 10 colleges based on my interests, scores and extracurricular activities. Endeavour’s expertise in brainstorming ideas for essays and then perfecting the essays was also very valuable. I received a lot of help with my Michigan essay without which I may not have secured admission into Michigan, which was in my top three choices.

University of Michigan 2016
Karachi Grammar School 2012
Software Development Engineer at Amazon Alexa

Endeavour’s counseling services were extremely helpful and productive. Endeavour’s insight into what an admission officer at Cornell would be looking for in my supplementary essays was extremely important.

Cornell 2018
Karachi Grammar School 2015
Currently studying Law