Our first piece of advice comes free of charge: Start early!

The vast majority of students end up waiting till the last minute to start their application process, and that is where most mistakes are made.

We provide support for securing admissions to undergraduate programs at top universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

Our services include developing appropriate lists of target universities for clients and providing comprehensive assistance with completing applications.

For undergraduate admissions we offer:

  1. US applications: We will help with your common application and up to 5 college supplements.
  2. US additional apps: You may want to apply to additional colleges with their own supplements.
  3. US scholarship / financial aid: Counselling on the different fnding options available.
  4. Canadian applications: Knowledge and guidance about the best universities and courses available in Canada.
  5. Making college lists: Our counsellors work one-on-one with students to create the optimal list of potential schools. 
  6. UCAS applications: Includes determining the best course of study for you, formulating a list of UK universities most appropriate for your needs, and editing and perfecting your personal statement.
  7. Application timeline planning: Inquire for more details. 
  8. Made-to-order custom services not mentioned above: Please CONTACT US or call 0322 566 6667.