About US

Our consultants are a group of professionals with premium academic backgrounds who have come together to form an expert admissions consulting and educational planning platform to cater to the needs of students bound for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Once in a similar situation to the one you find yourself in today, our consultants have the benefit of hindsight from their own college and graduate application experiences.

We help you:

  1. Minimise your mistakes
  2. Maximise your chances
  3. Manage deadlines
  4. Guide you through the application process
  5. Fine-tune and edit college essays
  6. Plan your courses and approach beforehand
  7. Secure the financial aid or scholarships that you need

Make your application process smoother, more efficient and effective.

Please view our Undergraduate Services, Graduate Services, and Early Bird Planning tabs to learn more about the various consulting services we offer. If none of these packages fit your needs please use our CONTACT US tab or call us at 0322 566 6667 to inquire about customised packages.